Divinely Guided With Jenn & Katie LIVE!

Join Jenn & Katie as they use their intuitive skills to connect with your spirit guides and loved ones to answer your questions.

This event takes place every Thursday at 7PM EST on the Divinely Guided Facebook page.

The Healing Crew: Group Energy Healing and Messages From Spirit

Please join spiritual teachers, intuitives and energy healers Jennifer Palmer, Katie Morton, and Jacob Palmer as they take you on a spiritual journey that will cleanse, clear, and heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Healing Meditation

This event begins with a cleansing, grounding, and centering meditation to fill attendees with a feeling of peace, relaxation, and calm. During the meditation, the three healers invite in wonderful healing energies from blessed Divine beings of light, and the energy healing begins.

Energy Healing

Following the meditation, Jacob, Katie, and Jennifer providing each attendee with energy healing that addresses all layers and levels, including but not limited to:

  • Nurturing physical health and wellness
  • Healing emotional pains, betrayals, and hurts
  • Proving stress relief and a sense of inner peace
  • Past life, ancestral, and karmic clearing and healing
  • Clearing blocks to the soul’s mission and life purpose
  • Allowing for greater insights, wisdom, and personal epiphanies
  • Cleansing and clearing of the energetic field, the chakras, and the aura

The individual healings are tailored to the needs of each attendee. Every healer brings in their own unique signature energies and healing abilities to every person for a well-rounded and extensive energetic healing experience.


When the healing is complete, the healers provide a few moments for attendees to share what they experienced. Sharing is optional, but it can be helpful to hear what others experienced in the quiet moments of the healing. This segment gives everyone time to integrate the energies before we move on to the final stage of the event.

Spiritual Guidance

Lastly, we call in the group’s spirit guides and angels. Each attendee is encouraged to bring one question they would like to ask so they may receive guidance. Katie, Jennifer, and Jacob channel the answers and share the visions, wisdom, and insights they receive with all in attendance. By being open to receiving and applying guidance, attendees stand to gain greater peace, purpose, and clarity on their soul’s journey. We ask that every attendee listen to every answer given, because the answers are often universal, higher Divine wisdom attendees can apply to their lives in order to nurture their spirits, allowing them to reach greater heights of insight and spiritual growth.

Meet the Healing Crew

Jennifer Palmer is the owner of Nourishing Journey, a spiritual and wellness center and organic café in Columbia, MD. Jennifer, Jacob Palmer and Katie Morton use their intuitive and energetic healing abilities to heal a wide range of issues, and to assist people with their spiritual growth along the positive path of ascension.

Join us for one in-person group meeting and one Zoom group meeting each
month. Register in advance by going to These events are titled: “In-Person Group Energy Healing & Messages From Spirit” and “Online Group Energy Healing & Messages From Spirit.”