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Divinely Guided Live May 27, 2021: Get Curious!

Jenn and Katie often notice a theme arise in their live videos. This video’s theme appears to be: “Get Curious!” When we are faced with conundrums in life, we often REACT, sometimes badly! What helps tame unhelpful reactions is a state of curiosity and inquiry […]

8 Ways to Feel Better in Stressful Times

It’s important to remember that feelings of stability and peace come from inside of us rather than from outside circumstances. As the conditions of society can feel wobbly and even scary at times, it’s more important than ever to take control of your vibration and […]

3 Keys to Manifestation

We are always manifesting, whether we are aware of it or not via the vibration we put out there. Jenn and Katie reveal little-known secrets as to why some people have trouble manifesting what they want.

Divinely Guided Live With Jenn & Katie – 3/12/21

Have fun with Jenn & Katie most Thursdays 7pm EST as they connect with your spirit guides & loved ones to answer your questions with wisdom that often applies to most of us. We promise to do our best to get you the most accurate […]

Arcturian Collective Messages About Earth’s Ascension

Jennifer Palmer channeled this exciting and informative message from an Arcturian collective consciousness on March 4, 2021. This is the time of the ascension, and our energy is very creative right now. This channeling gives us information about: how to handle 3D situations that may […]

Ego & Your Ascension

Jenn and Katie talk about the ego, how it hinders you from ascending positively, and how to move from ego consciousness to soul consciousness. We all want to move onto the highest path of the soul’s mission, but the fears and worries of the ego […]