What is ascension? Ascension is a journey of spiritual growth. As you move through life, you will be presented with situations that offer soul lessons. If you get “triggered” or experience a negative emotion, there is often a soul lesson waiting to be discovered. If we don’t take advantage of the lessons offered by these catalysts for growth, then we can descend into bitterness and move more deeply into victim mode. If you can reach a higher perspective and see through your own egoic illusions—rather than remaining in blame, anger, or despair—then you can ascend higher and come into Divine Power.

In this video, Jenn and Katie explain the two different paths of Ascension. Watch the video and read this article to learn how to ascend positively, plus how to handle challenges, karma, and upsets in order to gracefully experience soul growth and ascension.

We are never done ascending as long as we are on Earth, hence the chaotic nature of life. This life offers near constant opportunities for learning and growth. For some, this may seem exhausting, but positive soul growth requires us to develop endurance. To ascend, it helps to stay in the moment when triggered, do your best to calm your emotions and get curious. This makes it easier to accept the growth challenge presented to us until we can get the soul lesson.

Ascension is the process of spiritual growth and soul lessons required to raise your:

  • vibration
  • consciousness or mindfulness
  • levels of unconditional love and compassion 
  • your willingness and ability to serve others

The ascension process involves healing wounds of both this life and past lives. The more wounded a person is, the more:

  • distorted their perspective is
  • reactive, or easily triggered they are
  • they blame others or outside circumstances for their problems
  • selfish they may appear, as they can wind up in survival mode or lashing out to protect themselves

The more healed a person is, the more they:

  • are more closely aligned with truth
  • have a more pure, often higher vibration
  • are capable of unconditional love and compassion
  • can respond carefully to situations rather than reacting
  • are in their Divine Power, easily stepping out of victim mode

Much of Jenn and Katie’s understanding of Ascension dovetails with information that can be found in The Ra Contact. The Ra Contact is a series of books that was channeled by Carla Rueckert, with assistance from Don Elkins and Jim McCarty, as they sought telepathic contact with extraterrestrial beings through meditation.

Two Paths of Ascension

We all incarnated on Earth to choose which path of ascension we will take. The positive path involves the process outlined above, which involves healing wounds and seeing through the ego. The goal of the positive ascension path is to heal so that we may serve others.

The negative path is a path wherein a person chooses to serve the self rather than serving others. Someone on the negative path often uses negative emotions such as anger or guilt to manipulate others into serving them. Their healing is often slowed or delayed because they use their wounded ego to benefit themselves. Those on the negative path often believe they are good people—and they sometimes are, deep down. But they are also wounded and trapped in victim mode, which can make them feel entitled to lash out or guilt others. Even someone who is “good” deep down should be handled carefully or avoided if they are on the negative path, unless you have a soul contract to help this person.

Of course, this is a simplistic explanation of the two paths. Someone may have decided they want to serve others and be on the positive path. Yet, they could still use sadness, guilt, or anger reflexively as a tool to get others to conform to their wishes. In this case, a person could believe they are positive because they want to serve, but their reactivity, attitude, vibration, and behaviors may conflict with their ability to serve effectively.

In this case, despite the desire to be positive, this person may not be adequately polarized to the positive path. Their reactivity and unhealed wounds might effectively cancel out their desire to serve, rendering them unpolarized to either path, leaving them neutral.

Hence, the ascension process is rarely neat or linearly. It is often a convoluted process of growth. As the catalysts, or triggers, become more intense for everyone, some may lose their footing and descend into negative behaviors. It’s important to remain mindful of one’s own thoughts and actions. If you don’t feel unconditional love for another person or situation—even if that person appears very negative—explore what growth work the situation is trying to show you. Unconditional love goes hand-in-hand with healthy boundaries; some people need to be loved from afar.

Starseeds and Ascension 

Many starseeds, otherwise known as wanderers, have incarnated as humans in this lifetime to assist with the ascension of humanity. That does not mean these individuals don’t have ascension work to do themselves. Many of the starseeds have gone through several human lifetimes and have accumulated karma they must work through.

Starseeds are not exempt from ascension work and balancing karma. Sometimes starseeds can be “asleep“ to varying levels and get caught on the karmic wheel. They might even be very spiritual and think they are fully spiritually “awake.” However, their blindspots in consciousness, ego, wounds and distortions can keep them trapped deeply in many illusions. In this case, lowered levels of vibration and consciousness can result in negative karma from their interactions. These starseeds must “wake up” even more fully to witness their own ego. Only then can they more effectively do the work to break the human incarnation cycle.

Triggers, Ascension, and Spiritual Growth 

A trigger is anything that causes an emotional reaction or it kicks off a pattern of thinking or a behavior. A trigger could be caused a big life event such as a divorce or a job loss. We can also be triggered by seemingly small events, such as a conflict with a neighbor or a stranger in the grocery store.

Triggers can serve as catalysts for growth, as long as we pause and become mindful of our reaction and the wound that needs to be healed. Anytime we are reactive, it is usually a sign that we need to heal a wound or level up our perspective in order to increase our levels of consciousness.

The bigger the catalyst, the bigger the life change and opportunity for soul growth. When you’re faced with a big challenge, you are forced to dig deep and find out who you really are in order to move through it. A trigger can eat at you until you do the soul work required.

Soul lessons can vary widely from person to person, from “treat people nicer” to “people never really die, their consciousness just moves to the other side of the veil.” It all depends on what the individual needs to learn.

Let’s take, for example, you lose a loved one, or someone leaves you, or your heart breaks for another reason. If you do not process the grief and come to be at peace with the loss, then there is still higher wisdom you are supposed to learn from the experience.

Catalysts will hang around and repeat themselves until you take advantage of the opportunity that the challenge presents. Once you can figure out what the soul lesson is and what you are supposed to learn, you may enjoy increased levels of consciousness, a higher vibration, and more unconditional love for the full experience of life.

Healing the Victim Archetype

Ascension involves moving beyond victim mode and into Divine Power. When your life doesn’t go as planned, for example, you might ask, “Why me?” or you might be overly aggressive or defensive in your responses to people. It might feel like a powerful response to your ego, but it’s actually a sign you are taking the stance of a victim.

While everyone at times can be victimized by other people or by the circumstances of our lives, what makes the biggest difference is how you handle what happens to you. When you feel victimized, do you collapse into self pity, lash out in anger, or do you learn the wisdom and rise above the situation? We always have a choice in how we respond, and ascension involves becoming more masterful in our responses to catalysts for growth.

When you are in the weeds, down in the negativity of the situation and the drama, you aren’t seeing the higher perspective. You might swing back and forth from being too forceful to too weak. The ascended master knows you can affect positive change in your life, even if it’s just a change in perspective.

Forgiveness comes from higher wisdom and understanding what spiritual growth is being asked of you. We can forgive our circumstances more easily when we recognize the healing and consciousness work the situation is providing you—rather than coming from what bad thing is happening to you.

Divine Power

To move from victimhood to divine power, it helps to remember that, in terms of ascension, we come here as souls with different roles to play. We offer triggers to each other as catalysts for soul growth. If we can take the time to attempt to see the perspective of others without arguing with their perspectives, and to rise above our own “stuff” as well, we can get to higher truth that is beyond the personality and the ego. 

When you take a much higher consciousness perspective, you don’t necessarily even need to forgive because you don’t see situations as “wrong.” You can view everything as an opportunity for spiritual growth. It’s not easy to do and it can feel like we have big lessons to overcome. However, it’s important to face your fears, look plainly at your faults, and dive into the healing process of ascension. No one is perfect, but we are all infinitely lovable in our imperfections.

When we are triggered, there are often wounds that need to be healed. When we take a higher perspective, we can view triggering circumstances and people in a more positive light because we can be grateful we were shown what needed to be healed or the karma we needed to clear.

Once you have the higher perspective, you need to work on yourself. You need to know your wounds, traumas, and your own perspective with the understanding that you don’t know the highest truth. However, you must strive to always know a higher truth than you are operating within currently, rather than believing everything you think. Do you best to figure out where your distortions lie, as opposed to mistakenly confusing your limited viewpoint with the absolute truth.

This all describes the faster track of spiritual growth. The slow way (or opposite path from growth) is to stay down in the weeds wanting to blame others. You might defend your own behavior, perhaps having poor boundaries or boundaries that are too rigid. You stay within the drama of wondering why other people are so terrible, as opposed to healing wounds and moving gracefully past triggers into higher perspectives with unconditional love for your fellow humans.

“What is Ascension” Summary

The difficulties inherent in spiritual growth and the triggers involved with ascension might sound like a complicated drag. However, one key takeaway to remember about ascension is that when done right, ascension should bring you a higher vibration. This means higher consciousness levels, wisdom, compassion, unconditional love, and increased feelings of joy, peace, grace, and faith.

The benefits of doing the work of spiritual growth in order to ascend positively are certainly worth it!

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