Jenn and Katie explain how to develop your intuition. The first thing to know is that it’s important to discern whether messages are coming from the ego or the soul. A lot of people get caught up in the egoic nature of life and don’t know how to make soul or heart-based decisions. The ego is the personality and is easily entangled with the material world. It’s important to try to figure out whether so-called “guidance” comes from egoic wants, needs, or desires or whether it’s pure information coming from the soul aspect. The more consciousness work and healing you do on yourself, the easier it is to see through the ego to the soul, and therefore get more accurate intuitive information.

What is channeling?

There are different methods of receiving intuitive guidance, from a light intuitive state, to deep trance channeling. In trance channeling, the person’s ego completely gets out of the way, and a higher spiritual being can come in and deliver a pure source of information that doesn’t get muddied with the human ego. That said, you can get very high-quality, unsullied information in a light intuitive state if you done a good amount of consciousness work and can see through your own egoic impulses. To preserve the quality of the intuitive information you receive, you must avoid twisting the messages through the lens of your personality as you interpret and analyze the messages.