The energies are thick on the planet right now, so there is no better time to learn how to create sacred space. Even if you are already skilled in creating sacred space, it’s important to continuously grow your expertise and expand your sacred space toolkit. In this article, we go from the fundamental basics of defining why and what is sacred space, all the way to more advanced spiritual healing and clearing techniques.

The video above was in response to a question asked during their weekly show, Divinely Guided Live. A viewer noticed shadowy figures in their home. Jenn and Katie explain how, why, and when to create sacred space. As Katie likes to say, “ABC: Always be clearing.”

Jenn and Katie share an important part of the ritual they use to create sacred space. Most importantly, they recommend calling on “only those who are polarized to the positive path of ascension, in service to others, honoring the God of all gods and the Law of One” to be in your sacred space; all others must leave. That said, there are many different components and skills involved in creating sacred space. Let’s get started learning about this very important spiritual topic.

Why to Create Sacred Space

As we go about our days, whether it’s having a conversation with a friend or going to a grocery store, we are exposed to all kinds of energies and entities. Your environment and connection with others, and the energies and entities that go along with them, can affect your mood and your body in profound ways, and not always for the better. You might speak with a friend and suddenly have a change in mood you can’t shake. Or you might get a strange pain in your body that’s inexplicable. You might also have nightmares or otherwise troubled sleep.

These can all be signs that you need to energetically clear yourself and your space. The techniques we share in this article will work most of the time. For more difficult spiritual clearings or energetic cleansings, you may need to get the support of a professional.

What is Sacred Space?

Sacred space is the process of cleansing your energy field and your surroundings of energies and entities that do not belong to you and are negatively affecting you. You should create sacred space before meditation, prayer, seeking guidance or doing healing. Jenn and Katie also recommend creating sacred space last thing before going to sleep at night. We are often more vulnerable in sleep, as we are unaware of energetic changes that need to be cleared. Sacred space as we sleep at night can offer some measure of protection.

6 Types of Energies and Spirits Cleared by Sacred Space

There are many types of energies and entities that can disrupt an environment or a person. As you hone your technique of clearing sacred space, you may find different ones that you are especially gifted at clearing, or that you may have more trouble with. These six  energies and spirits are the ones that we find most commonly need to be cleared by sacred space:

1. Lost spirits: Lost souls usually need healing and help crossing over into the Heavenly Realm. They may have been traumatized by their death or may fear crossing over in some way. Sometimes they are confused and aren’t consciously aware that they have passed. Lost spirits often love to be near bright souls and tend to hang around spiritual people. Most people will have these spirits around them at some point and some people tend to have these spirits around often.

2. Deceased loved ones: These are souls who have passed and have already crossed over to the Heavenly Realm. They usually do not mean any harm. However, you may still feel their energy in your body and it can cause lingering effects.

3. Negative spirits: Then there are entities with negative intent. These beings are conscious of what they are doing. Believe it or not, they may serve a very important role in helping us discern energies and define what we really want in our experience. They show up to teach you or show you something about your vibration or your path. Sometimes, they may try to deter you from your path. It’s important not to be in fear and to feel connected to your divine power in these situations. Fear, shame, anger and resentment provide them with fuel while your pure conscious light and empowerment push them away.

4. Emotions and thoughts: Thoughts and emotions can and do linger—long after they have been experienced. The vibration of every thought and emotion ripples out into the Universe. The more powerful the emotion or thought, the more it impacts the environment and you. Because of this, other people’s thoughts and emotions can affect you, even if the person is not physically present with you.

5. Cords and portals: A “cord” is like an energetic thread or rope that connects two people. Every time you think of someone or someone thinks of you, there is an energetic cord that is created between the two of you. The more powerful the emotion or intent in the connection, the more powerful the cord. A portal is like an energetic porthole or window that can open between two physical locations. Similar to cords, every time you think of someone or someone thinks of you, a portal between you is opening where spirits, thoughts, emotions, or other energies can travel freely.

6. Curses, spells, and hexes:  These are often created without any real intention. Every negative thought towards someone may create a negative energetic experience for the person it is directed towards. This is one reason why it is so important to forgive others and to wish for them to be blessed. Sometimes though, these energies are created with deliberate intent by those who understand the nature of the intention. In these cases, it may be a little more challenging, but the energies can still be cleared.

17 Ways to Create Sacred Space

Sacred space should be set every time you sense lower vibrational energies or if we want to connect with guides. There are many ways to clear, cleanse and define your sacred space. These sacred space creation techniques are the ones we usually turn to and seem to help us the most. You may find something that works better for you. We encourage experimentation and learning new skills over time to get better at sacred space creation. If you need some ideas, here are 17 different techniques to create sacred space that can be used alone, or better yet, in different combinations. Whatever you choose, make your sacred space uniquely yours:

1. Turn up the power of your love and light. Many lower vibrational beings cannot stay near you when you are in your power and love and light are beaming from you.

2. Set spiritual boundaries. A lot of people say you need to protect yourself. We prefer to think of it as defining clear boundaries. Believing you require “protection” puts you into a victim state energetically. It’s important to define the experience you want and clearly state what is allowed and what isn’t.

3. Heal lost spirits. You can say a prayer to your deity of choice to heal these spirits or you can see a sphere of white light with the intention that the light heals them so they can cross over into the Heavenly Realm. Call in the angels to help, and tell the lost spirits to cross over with the angels.

4. Clear negative spirits. You can tell them they must go or you can use a white sphere to push them out of your space, intending that the sphere grows large and powerful with your intention. Use love as a powerful force. Lower vibrational emotions, like anger, give the negative spirits an easier energetic way to stay with you. Love weakens negatively polarized spirits.

5. Close all portals and access points. Intend that all spiritual and energetic openings into your space are closed and sealed with gold.

6. Cut all cords. Intend that all cords are cut. You can call in Archangel Michael with his sword and envision him cutting all cords, if that technique resonates with you. Or you can imagine doing cutting the cords yourself.

7. Declare the room as a sacred space. Do this every time you are connecting with spirit, doing energy healing, and before you go to sleep. You can do this with stating your intention for the room to be your sacred space and that nobody is allowed in unless invited by you.

8. Call in your guides, deities, angels, and spirits of choice. Jenn and Katie say, “I call in my guides of Divine Eternal Light who are polarized to the positive path of ascension, in service to others, honoring the Law of One and the God of all gods. All others must leave now.” You can also call in your well-intentioned ancestors or loved ones who have passed on.

9. Visualize a sphere of light. You can start with a small white light sphere and ask it to clear your space of all negative and lower vibrational beings. See it get larger and larger until it fills the space. You may feel resistance when there is an entity being cleared, but just keep the intention that it is to keep clearing.

10. Call in Archangel Michael and the Army of Angels. You can pray to beings of choice to help you clear space. We usually call in Archangel Michael along with others, depending on the situation. Archangel Michael is a great go-to for creating sacred space and having good boundaries.

11. Use scented sacred space tools. You can use many great smelling options to cleanse your space or yourself. Burning sage is probably the most well-known, but you can alternatively burn palo santo wood or incense sticks. You can also use essential oil sprays or diffusers to cleanse. There are many essential oils available that can be used and some include palo santo, sage, rosemary, frankincense, cedar wood and sandalwood.

12. Use sea salt to create sacred space. You can cleanse your space by putting cups of salt water in the corners of a room with the intention that the salt will pull in all negative energies. Then, flush the salt water regularly or pour into the Earth with the intention of purification of the energies. You can also take salt baths to cleanse and purify your own energy field.

13. Use crystals to cleanse energies. There are many crystals that can be used for cleansing yourself and your surroundings. Generally speaking, black crystals are used most often for clearing negative energies. Some of the most commonly used are black onyx, black tourmaline, obsidian, and shungite. You can use other crystals such as clear or smoky quartz as well. Connect with the crystal and ask it to purify the space or yourself and specify to send the energies to the Earth, never to return again. Some people will put their crystals in a cup of sea salt to keep the crystals clear.

14. Use sound vibration to clear energies. Sound can very quickly change the feel of a space, especially if the intention is specifically to clear that space or to create a positive vibration in the space. You can sing, tone, play music or play an instrument such as singing bowls, drums, gongs, chimes or bells.

15. Heal issues that create energetic vulnerabilities. As we go through life and we are exposed to traumas, those energies can get stuck in the body. Negative spirits can use those energetic vulnerabilities to cling to. Then it can become difficult to create and hold sacred space. You might get the help of a professional energy healer to assist your healing and clearing process.

16. Learn your soul lessons. What are you learning from your current or past life experiences? You may be in training on how to clear more difficult wounds, energies, or entities. If that is the case, you will be challenged to deal with things on a deeper level. You may have inner wounds to heal and more wisdom to gain.

17. Heal your karma. What karma are you balancing in your life? There may be some things that need balancing from your past or even from an ancestor. Working towards healing these issues may be necessary in order to cleanse the energies and create sacred space.

Sacred Space Prayer

It’s important to set the rules of engagement every time you connect spiritually and before you go to sleep. To set your sacred space, pray to close all portals and to only allow in the beings of your choosing. You also want to define for how long to hold a sacred space. If you are highly intuitive and find yourself interacting with spirits throughout the day, you should still be extremely diligent and create sacred space every single time a spirit connects. You should also keep sacred space around you as you move through your day. If you suspect sacred space has been broken, be sure to take the time to recreate it.

Here is a prayer to create sacred space. You can modify this prayer to your needs and preferences.

I call in Archangel Michael and the Army of Angels to clear this room of all lower vibrational and / or negative entities and energies. Please close all access points and portals and seal them with gold. I call in my guides of Divine Eternal Light who are polarized to the positive path of ascension in service of others, honoring the Law of One and the God of all gods. All other beings and energies must leave now. I now declare this room Sacred Space and I intend that this Sacred Space will be automatically closed when I am done connecting. Amen and so it is.

You can also explore different sacred space prayers and take parts and pieces that resonate with you to make the prayer your own.

How to Develop Your Skills of Sacred Space Creation

The more you practice these different techniques in combination with each other, the more you will develop the skill of creating sacred space and cleansing and clearing your energy. Of course each of the topics covered in the article could be a while course on its own. If you are looking for regular spiritual practice in a community of like-minded individuals, consider joining Jenn and Katie’s Soul Growth Group.

Professional Healing and Entity Clearing

If you need deeper support, or you feel spiritually interfered with, you can reach out to Katie or Jenn for a session. Email us at: Info@DivinelyGuided.TV