Katie Morton and Jennifer Palmer are both intuitives, energy healers, spiritual teachers, and together they are Divinely Guided. Almost every Thursday night they get together on a live video and answer questions from viewers. Jenn and Katie tune into their spirit guides and the guides of the viewers to get intuitive spiritual guidance.

The questions that viewers ask on the lives often receive answers from the spirit guides that contain universal wisdom that applies to all. So even if you think a question a viewer asked does not relate to you, the answer might speak to you regardless.

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Summary of Divinely Guided Live for September 23, 2021

This summary does not cover everything in the video. In putting together the summary, we try to pick out some interesting topics that were discussed. In some cases, we add some additional insight to the topics that were discussed via this summary.

Mission Expansion

We are currently in a time where more is being asked of us by the Divine in regards to our mission here on Earth. This increase in responsibility can stir up some underlying fears surrounding our life trajectory and purpose. Fear can leave us desiring a less intimidating mission, making us feel ill equip to explore the new level of our existence we’ve unlocked. However, as you progress, you will realize that the understanding of your purpose was meant to evolve.

The reason for this is that when we level up and grow spiritually, we become stronger. We may experience discomfort as we adjust to the increase in responsibility. Learning new skills are likely to be required as we undergo these growing pains. Education and training can shed light on how to approach the new things that we are being called to do. 

As our higher spirituality comes online, the steps we take as the path unfolds may not be clear, and things may not feel quite right even though you are on task. As we continue to take those steps into different places, try not to get caught up in how many steps lie ahead of you or compare your journey to another. Instead, stay vigilant to the opportunities that are presenting themselves in the Now.

Shifting The Collective 

The planet is being blasted with incredible energies and when you sense that intensity, take a moment to step back and check in with yourself. Breathing, relaxing, practicing being present, deep prayer and a re-commitment to walking with trust and faith can make a big difference in how we make it through. Individually easing turbulence has a ripple effect and contributes to the overall collective consciousness.

When we each deal with energy and situations with love and understanding, this raises the collective consciousness to a higher vibration puts it on a more optimal timeline. The opposite happens when we approach life from the egoic state, putting the collective onto a denser trajectory. To move us onto the Divine timeline, it’s required that we each get out of survival mode and into the soul space where we can easily access higher wisdom.

Survival mode comes from the base ego level of understanding where fear, worry and concerns stemming from the 3D reality reside. This is not a good vantage point as accessing Divine guidance is near impossible from here. Some ways to shift to a higher octave of existence include unplugging from technology, meditating, prayer, getting outside in nature, and listening to mood boosting instrumentals. 

Healing As A Process 

Healing takes time and some life lessons are layered- coming apart one layer at a time, revealing more as you dive deeper into yourself. This expedition to the self can’t be successful though if we go into it from a poor angle. Victimhood mentalities are especially unhelpful here as the journey calls us to step outside of the boxes that were previously set for us by ourselves or others. 

Remove the mental limitations and be your own detective as you heal – seeking to recognize your own personality traits and reflect on your own patterns with radical honesty. Be gentle with yourself as some aspects you uncover may feel tender or more fresh than previously anticipated. This is especially true if you are making these discoveries through a Dark Night of the Soul.

Actually, it could be said that we are collectively going through a Dark Night of the Soul right now with everything that’s happening in the world. Times like these can wrap us in anxiety as the world appears to descend into chaos. We can pull ourselves out of that negative thought process by understanding the truth that everything is happening just as it was meant to. Uncomfortable but incredibly transformative, Dark Nights have purpose as they turn you into a seeker and ultimately mold you into exactly who you are meant to be.  

As we become our most authentic selves, we may end up confronting some internal secret we’ve been harboring. While we are not obligated to share every aspect of ourselves with others, internal secrets can still eat away at us. Any aspects we keep private must be dealt with or they will cause friction, interrupting our vibration, and fracturing our being.

Coming to terms and letting go of the stories that surround these secrets is required for us to be able to express ourselves authentically. Unraveling any anxiety, guilt and shame around them can be done through deep prayer as we seek to make peace with ourselves and heal that inner discord. Through this self-acceptance and love, we bring those fractured pieces of ourselves back into oneness.

Overcoming Judgement

Being authentic is challenging when judgement is in the equation. We all benefit from being more conscious of our tendencies to judge ourselves and others. This behavior and way of thinking tends to stem from feelings of inadequacy and self-deflection. To overcome judgement, discern where we are making ungrounded preconceived notions through healing our own wounds and traumas.

To heal old traumas, we have to practice reflection and forgiveness. As we do this, we are likely to find insecurities coming from denial or an un-settled inner child. Gently dissolving heart blocks and getting to the root of any deep seated anger can help to soothe this heart chakra issue. To continue opening our hearts, overcoming judgement of others is just as important as overcoming self-judgement.

The fear of judgement, opinions, and projections of others imprison the mind and stifle potential. This fear creates the illusion that freedom is far away or withheld from us due to internal reasons, external reasons or both. While circumstances and loved ones should be put into consideration, the truth is that you are always allowed to be who you are.

If you are called to do something by the Divine and refuse the call solely due to pressure and the assumptions of others, this can make you feel like you are not free to be yourself. This sensation of imprisonment leads to repressed feelings that twist into anger over time. Avoid the discontent by taking control of your own life now and stepping into who you want to be, staying open for your path to unfold just as it was meant to.