Katie Morton and Jennifer Palmer are both intuitives, energy healers, spiritual teachers, and together they are Divinely Guided. Almost every Thursday night they get together on a live video and answer questions from viewers. Jenn and Katie tune into their spirit guides and the guides of the viewers to get intuitive spiritual guidance.

The questions that viewers ask on the lives often receive answers from the spirit guides that contain universal spiritual wisdom that applies to all. So even if you think a question a viewer asked does not relate to you, the answer might speak to you regardless.

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Summary of Divinely Guided Live for September 16, 2021

This summary does not cover everything in the video. In putting together the summary, we try to pick out some interesting topics that were discussed. In some cases, we add some additional insight to the topics that were discussed via this summary.

Move Out of Fear

Challenges and the resulting fears arise in our lives for our own spiritual growth. We move in and out of challenging times and perceived pitfalls because there is a lesson or skill in them that we need to learn to grow. Examples of these fears could be financial worries, doubt in ourselves and our abilities, other fears that could stem from wounds or traumas, or even just observing life around you.

When we are in a low vibratory state and feeling the emotions connected to these fears, it can be hard to see the greater purpose and solve the puzzle of our current situation. The first thing we need to do when we find ourselves in fear is to set sacred space and shift our perspective. This is crucial since everything we do is touched by our energetic state.

We especially want to make sure that when setting sacred space that it’s airtight to prevent negative entities and thought forms from finding loopholes and sneaking in. It’s important to clear our space a minimum of twice a day, morning and night, and to upgrade our practice often. Always remember that you have the support of higher beings and the universe and that you can call in for help whenever you need. 

How to Use Deep Breathing to Reduce Anxiety

To gain a higher perspective and receive the best guidance, we want to come from a calm and collected place. A good way to get there is with our breathing. All of us can exacerbate fear and anxiety with our breath and not even realize it. When we’re caught in anxiety, anger or fear, our breaths may be shallow, short and focused in the upper chest. With practice, deep breathing make you more settled. 

Different breaths have different effects on our being. Start with breathing deep through the belly to activate our parasympathetic state to calm the nervous system and ease worry. This technique can help us to rediscover our center. This balanced state gets us into the right headspace so we can discern any guidance we receive and make decisions and moves from a higher, more balanced place. 

Segment Intending to Raise our Vibration

Another technique we can use to raise our energy is called “Segment Intending”. Abraham Hicks, a prominent spiritual teacher, teaches that Segment Intending is the practice of getting into the optimal energetic space before doing anything. With segment intending, you use journaling as a way to raise your vibration and come into a positive headspace before you take action.  

Get off the Pendulum

Everyone can feel boxed in from time to time but it’s important to remember that there is always a way out. We have more power than we realize, and that boxed in feeling signals that we’re giving our power away too much to external circumstances. 

Giving away our power can trap us on a pendulum with stages likened to fight, flight or freeze. On one end there is ultimate victimhood (flight), on another end there’s righteous anger (fight) and in the middle there is numbness (freeze). While there is purpose to being caught on the pendulum and experiencing its different facets, the ultimate goal is to learn the lessons we are meant to from whatever phase we found ourselves in and ultimately get off.

To escape the swing, we have to let go of resistance and increase conscious awareness. Through letting go and opening yourself up to expansion, we make it possible to absorb those teachings we were meant to understand from being in that place. From there, once we are off the pendulum, we are empowered to step into a higher version of ourselves and integrate what we have learned. 

With this integration, we acknowledge the growth we’ve made, fully express ourselves, and interact with our world in a different way with a higher vibration. Even from this new state, one should know that lessons and challenges will still come and go throughout our lives and we must choose not to get stuck in them and keep moving forward.

Boundaries For Empaths

Empaths are those of us who feel deeply with an incredible understanding of what someone else is experiencing. Boundaries are extremely important for empaths since they are so sensitive. Boundaries help to prevent emotions like fear or worry from engulfing every aspect of life. When it comes to setting boundaries for empaths, there are few things one must be aware of.

While many people project negative intentions onto others, empaths tend to have the opposite problem. Empathic people need to make sure not to project their goodness onto others. Making sure not to project is vital when determining if people have pure intentions or not and can save them from unsavory characters.

Determining these boundaries early on is also important. Defining a clear boundary from the beginning prevents situations from getting out of control, especially if an empath finds themselves the target of ill will or negative intent.

When a boundary has been set, an empath needs to make sure to protect them. Empaths should pay attention if emotions are flagging them down. This can indicate that a boundary has been crossed and should be addressed. 

Self-Mastery is a Journey

Developing yourself is a trail that can only be walked by you. Along the journey, there are necessary tough times, hard lessons, and incredible discoveries. As you walk the path, using intuition and discernment will help you determine if a move is right or wrong for you. 

When a move is right for you, that doesn’t mean it is to be without difficulty. Choosing something right for you is similar to being in a river. We can feel unsure as we float past rocks or hurdles along the way, but know that they are just bumps, never stopping the flow entirely. If you feel the urge to grasp at any nearby branch to feel secure for a moment, practice letting go to avoid prolonging the inevitable. 

As we progress along our self-mastery journey, universal guidance may come in more clearly. Sometimes this can leave us feeling confused, frustrated or disorganized when we can’t see the bigger picture that the universe has laid out for us. In these moments, trust that the flow is taking you to where you need to be, choose gratitude, and know that you are always supported and held by all that is.

The divine never gives us a pass or fail on self-mastery either. The purpose is to heal, understand and grasp the concept, no matter how many times a lesson may need to be repeated. With every challenge, keep emotions in check to prevent downward spirals. When we get wrapped up in concerns of the 3D, sometimes the best medicine is to focus on our spiritual growth. Spiritual growth and raising our vibration strengthens our ability to manifest the changes we want to see in our outer world.