Katie Morton and Jennifer Palmer are both intuitives, energy healers, spiritual teachers, and together they are Divinely Guided. Almost every Thursday night they get together on a live video and answer questions from viewers. Jenn and Katie tune into their spirit guides and the guides of the viewers to get intuitive spiritual guidance.

The questions that viewers ask on the lives often receive answers from the spirit guides that contain universal wisdom that applies to all. So even if you think a question a viewer asked does not relate to you, the answer might speak to you regardless.

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Summary of Divinely Guided Live for October 21, 2021

This summary does not cover everything in the video. In putting together the summary, we try to pick out some interesting topics that were discussed. In some cases, we add some additional insight to the topics that were discussed via this summary.


Insane energies are hitting the planet currently, and while we have a bit longer to go before the astrology truly settles down, our guides don’t want us to give up on manifestation techniques. While it’s true that the last several years haven’t been easy for manifesting as the environment has been heavy and we’ve had to work through so much personal and ancestral trauma, we must acknowledge that takes time, but good news is the planet is shifting to make that easier. Previously our planet was inundated with dense energies that made it easiest for negativity to prevail, but Earth is in the process of flipping to positive dominance which will give those of the Light an upper hand, making manifestation a lot smoother and quicker for service-to-others pursuits. 

As our intentions start to ground in physical reality, remember not to seek outside yourself for feeling fulfilled or continue any patterns of relying on others to manifest for you. Doing the spiritual work and diving deep into yourself brings good things naturally into your life that have serious lasting power. As we manifest, always check in and ask yourself what we are manifesting collectively and what it is that we want to bring in.

As we ponder what we really want to manifest, this is a good time to examine the foundation of your life. Many of us will find the foundation has already been laid and we just have to step into the role of architect and design it- think bigger picture and long term. As we create this blueprint and take these action steps on our mission, we will have to face our biggest fears, a lot of which is transmutable. As anxieties or fears come up, determine whether they’re irrational or real. This prevents us from being hindered on our paths and makes moving forward and expansion easier. 

Maintaining Peace Through Chaos

As mentioned earlier, the planetary energies right now are intense and make it easy to lose focus or feel overwhelmed with what needs to be fixed. Scattered thoughts abound and reflect out into a scattered world. Remembering the principle of what you focus on expands and what you resist persists is important to prevent you from over-identifying with the problems of today that put your energy out of alignment with who you really are. The higher guidance of the time wants us all to feel more peace and not get swept up into a frenzy.

Finding peace comes easier when you stop focusing on all the things you want to edit in your life as when all we focus on is the problem, the solution can’t expand. It can seem like it’s taking forever as humanity has been stuck in a sort of time warp for the past couple years, but this is starting to unravel as Earth moves into positive dominance. This shift isn’t an easy one as reality can feel shattered and you may experience having trouble picking up the pieces of a life once lived, but some things were meant to fall apart. Not everything is meant to come together, and instead were meant just for a season, a lesson or experience. 

The Universe will even put up blocks or shatter things that we thought we needed when it’s time to turn us towards “greener pastures” and move on a different trajectory. This new path the Universe lays for us is greater than anything we could ever imagine and will be either just as good or even better than what we felt was taken away. For anyone experiencing this, emotions may swirl and not all of them may be truth. Emotions, just like thoughts can be distorted. If you have been blinded by emotions, remember that they are the result of other things and work on getting beyond the emotional space to pull you out of it so you don’t get stuck on your journey.

The Journey & Connecting 

Along our journeys here, while we all self-filter to a degree, try exploring what your world would look like if you had pure self-love and didn’t worry about other people’s opinions. When we allow ourselves to be authentic, it relieves a lot of unnecessary struggles. The goal here in life is to move through experiences, both good and bad and take lessons from them rather than get over attached to the outcomes. 

When negative things do happen, don’t allow those bad experiences stop you from moving along your path or make you scared of living. Preventing yourself from living hinders your growth and blocks connection just as caring too much about what others think halts progress. Nobody else can live your life for you and it’s important to keep a balanced conscience about that. Stay open to truth, abundance and guidance and do your best as you go about your journey.

There’s a plethora of people and beings to connect to along your mission and is one of the best things we can do during such a time when we may be feeling in need of more support. An easy group to connect to is other humans. Joining groups with other healers or people that resonate with you is great for creating a support circle and gaining neutral perspectives on things that may be on your mind. Another group to connect to is your galactic family. Star families may be trying to connect more lately, and if you are open to it, this may be something to concentrate on, fine-tune yourself to or ask for an attunement on.

 Connecting with Twin Flames may also be something that you come across, though this requires quite the alignment. For Twin Flame situations, both parties must be fully aligned with not only their own individual mission but also the mission of one other or it will not connect. If you have made or are looking to make a Twin Flame connection, first practice self-love and develop yourself independently so you can fully show up with your strength and light when you are in union. This way when you are united with your Twin Flame, the synchronicities and experiences will hyperactivate both of you into incredible expansion and growth.