Katie Morton and Jennifer Palmer are both intuitives, energy healers, spiritual teachers, and together they are Divinely Guided. Almost every Thursday night they get together on a live video and answer questions from viewers. Jenn and Katie tune into their spirit guides and the guides of the viewers to get intuitive spiritual guidance.

The questions that viewers ask on the lives often receive answers from the spirit guides that contain universal wisdom that applies to all. So even if you think a question a viewer asked does not relate to you, the answer might speak to you regardless.

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Summary of Divinely Guided Live for October 14, 2021

This summary does not cover everything in the video. In putting together the summary, we try to pick out some interesting topics that were discussed. In some cases, we add some additional insight to the topics that were discussed via this summary.

Ancestral Trauma

This is an exciting time to be on Earth right now as the planet raises in vibration, even for our ancestors. As we’re going through this collective dark night of the soul, we’re healing and wrapping up not only our own difficulties, but also ancestral traumas and karma that have been passed down for generations. 

Acknowledging, processing and clearing old wounds can be part of our mission here on Earth and a karmic correction to our lineage. A couple tools to help navigate and process ancestral trauma include journaling and channeled writing. Removing the burdens of the past opens us up to embrace our fullest potential with the least amount of resistance.

Activating your Potential

Becoming the best version of ourselves comes through a process of opening ourselves up. This opening is facilitated by shedding old skin and becoming more malleable. To help lose that old shell, let go of fear and honor how far you’ve come by practicing love, forgiveness, and boundary setting. This expansion allows us to get out of our comfort zone and be more creative. Moving beyond what we know and getting creative keeps us from feeling stuck and allows us to grow. 

Growth can come from learning new things, gaining new skills to advance and diversify yourself and activations. Activations are powerful upgrades you can ask your guidance team for anytime. For an activation, get into sacred space and simply ask for one. Your guides can increase your perception and abilities, provide DNA upgrades, connect you to your galactic origins, make it easier to call on your higher self, and more when the time is right.

Receiving these activations and upgrades help embody the higher aspects of ourselves- some of which are angelic in nature and further along than we may even be aware of. To get more familiar with our higher selves, we can practice meditation and the following exercise:

-Get into sacred space

-Envision your higher self

-Practice pulling in the energetic suit of your higher self 

-Integrate that suit

This exercise and guidance from our team accomplish a lot, however it’s still important to receive healing from others to get another perspective and insight on our journeys through this lifetime and as we move through phases.

Going Beyond Forgiveness

As we move between phases in our lives, sometimes insecurity can settle in and we can feel like we’re not doing a good enough job. Even if we feel mediocre, there are things we can do to transform our lives into something amazing. Starting with mindset, you can change the way you view yourself.  Knowing that you have a purpose, embracing confidence without being egoic and practicing self-love by honoring yourself is a great thing to do. This practice can be amplified with the use of crystals which serve as a valuable aid helping us gain momentum by improving our intuition and boosting any intentions we set. 

As we advance, revisiting stages of our lives is also common if we haven’t digested everything needed from it. When this happens it’s possible that we haven’t really moved on, but just paved over it. If you realize you still need to process something from a stage in your life, make sure to truly clear it up this time to prevent it from lingering and hindering growth. One thing may find you need for this type of clearing is going beyond forgiveness.

Regular forgiveness can come from a place of victimhood, whereas practicing moving beyond forgiveness gets you out of the victim mindset and into an empowered space. Understand that certain events had to happen to get you to where you are and learn the lessons that you were meant to learn and integrate. Leave the past behind as you clear it for good and operate from the present moment instead of spinning in circles or being stagnant. 

The Highest Path 

Moving through stagnancy and getting on our highest potential timeline for this life isn’t without its hardships as they’re often catalysts for growth. Healthy boundaries and courage are being tested in everyone at this time, increasing our inner strength. These difficulties are designed for us to understand powerful soul lessons so we can thrive and call on that higher wisdom as we follow our soul mission. 

Everyone alive for this time in history has a mission and when we feel intimidated on this path, we can still overcome by clearing space and stepping into our power. What’s important is that we are doing our best and taking inspired action towards our goals. With the vibration of the planet rising and hidden truths coming to light, utilize your intuitive abilities to connect to trusted sources for clarity and strength when you are in need of some support on this journey.