Katie Morton and Jennifer Palmer are both intuitives, energy healers, spiritual teachers, and together they are Divinely Guided. Almost every Thursday night they get together on a live video and answer questions from viewers. Jenn and Katie tune into their spirit guides and the guides of the viewers to get intuitive spiritual guidance.

The questions that viewers ask on the lives often receive answers from the spirit guides that contain universal spiritual wisdom that applies to all. So even if you think a question a viewer asked does not relate to you, the answer might speak to you regardless.

Summary of Divinely Guided Live for June 24, 2021

This summary does not cover everything in the video. In putting together the summary, we try to pick out some interesting topics that were discussed. In some cases, we add some additional insight to the topics that were discussed via this summary.

Planetary Energies and Spiritual Guidance

We like to help people get spiritual guidance and move forward in their soul’s mission. It is the time of The Ascension and a lot of things are nutty out there, including the spiritual energies.

With the energies as they are, it’s been difficult for many intuitives to connect clearly and get spiritual guidance. An intuitive who is not interfered with is not necessarily a “better” intuitive, and an intuitive who is struggling to connect through these energies is not necessarily a “worse” or less gifted intuitive. How interfered with a person is can depend sometimes on physical location and the quality of energies there, and whether someone is a target of negative entities.

If we feel like we’re having a really rough time connecting or we are being interfered with, we won’t do a live video that week. We want to make sure we are giving high quality spiritual guidance. We don’t want to say anything that’s not going to be accurate and feel right. As always, use your own discernment with any spiritual guidance you get, even your own!

Negative Interference and Soul Mission

Let’s talk about soul mission work and how interfered with people can be when they start stepping into soul mission work.  If you’re not sensitive to the energies, then you might just think you’re not feeling well. Or you become aware something is deterring you from doing the soul work you know you should be doing. There’s usually some sort of negative interference causing you to get off the path of the soul’s mission.

In the Ra Contact or the Law of One, they call interference by negative entities “greetings.” We always find that funny because it’s not friendly. To avoid or reduce negative interference, sometimes there are things you have to heal about yourself. It might be the way you’re thinking about a situation or judging a situation or person. A conflicted vibration caused by wounds or emotions within a person can draw in the negative interference. You need to heal what is causing the mixed vibration that can allow negative entities to “hook in” to you energetically. Once you do the healing work or the consciousness work, these hooks disappear and so does the interference.

Other times, the negative interference is pure sabotage by the negative entities and has nothing to do with your unfinished spiritual ascension work. The more in alignment you are with your soul mission—sometimes depending on who you are and what your mission is—you could become a target of negative entities. Those who are truly “divinely guided” and are trying to shine God’s light in the world sometimes draw in unwanted attention and interference from those on the negative path.

Energetic Blocks and the Soul’s Mission

Sometimes when we are struggling with energies and cords, all of these things can be disruptive to our day-to-day and our souls’ missions. Maybe we feel lack of motivation and we’re not sure why. It can be the energies affecting us. If you feel like you’re being interfered with, you can cut cords. You can also expand your light by emitting love from your heart chakra.

Sometimes we just have to get into action and not overwork the energies or overthink it. Sometimes you just need to ground ourselves and change the way we do life. And that’s how we move past it and through it, by working the energies the best you can, but not getting stuck there in the energetic work. When you clear the energy, do it with a very clear goal in mind so that you can set about soul mission work, not just for the sake of getting clear energy.

If you are really struggling with the energies and nothing you do seems to help, then either get the assistance of a spiritual healer, or you might need to ignore the energetics for a time so you can remain productive on your soul’s mission.

As with anytime you find yourself out of alignment for any reason, come back to unconditional love of self and all of Creation and do your best to move forward on the soul’s mission.

Getting Spiritual Guidance Within Chaotic Energies

Claircognizance is a psychic ability to know information. All energy contains information. You might be reading the energies psychically to form an inner knowing. Or your spirit guides can give you a “download” of information that unfolds within you to form a knowing. Sometimes we really do know, or sometimes you have to ask your spirit guides to give you a download.

As Katie has been navigating chaotic planetary energies, she has relied on claircognizance. Usually, she can simply have a chat with her spirit guides via clairaudience: a psychic ability to hear spirits. But with the current ascension energies and the spiritual battle that comes with it, clairaudience has sometimes been a more difficult way to connect than usual. Katie has been working with the inner knowing of what she is supposed to do on her soul’s mission, rather than quibbling about how she gets information, or trying to get more clarity than she needs to move forward.

When We Feel Blocked on our Soul’s Mission

Every situation is trying to show us something. So if there’s something that isn’t going the way you want it to go, stop, take a breath, and look at what it’s trying to show you. Meditate on why a situation is not what you want to be. Have patience and move forward with it from where it’s at, instead of trying to force something.

For example, Katie is working on a book right now. She’s at this point in the book where she’s not inspired to write. The words aren’t coming. Part of her wants force the project forward. But the spiritual guidance she is getting is to wait, because when it’s time, the inspiration and creative flow will come. And so she set the book aside for now and she is focusing on other projects until the time comes to get back to work on her third novel.

Sometimes we want to get things done, but it’s not flowing. There’s a temptation to make it happen, but before you force anything, tune in to yourself and your guides. (Or make an appointment for an intuitive reading or healing by emailing info@divinelyguided.tv ) so you can heal blocks and then determine whether or not it’s time to push forward.

Self-Love, Spirituality, and the Human Experience

The energy we allow into our space, in part, creates the reality around you. Your experience of life is connected to how you feel within. Most of us don’t wholly and completely love ourselves, because we know we are imperfect. Unfortunately, we sometimes compare ourselves to other people without knowing the full picture of their human experience compared to ours.

As divinely guided spiritual people who perhaps have had impactful spiritual experiences, visions, feelings of divine bliss, and communication with beings from the Heavenly realm, we might also feel too normal or inferior as humans in light of those experiences. We all have our human stuff, like our imperfect human bodies, and we have to tend to our homes and take out the trash. This offers a contrast between that perfect meditative angelic being that you are within versus the messy reality of who we are as humans.

We need to do the inner work of the spiritual ascension to continually improve, while embracing ourselves and loving ourselves at the same time. We have to look at ourselves honestly and see where we need to make changes, all at the same time knowing that we’re perfect in our own way.

Based on what is showing up for you in life, and how you’re feeling about it—that’s a good way of approaching the spiritual growth process. Notice what you’re feeling and what about whatever showing up is triggering you and why.

Over-attachment and Under-attachment in Manifestation

In terms of manifestation, if the manifestation doesn’t seem to be coming and you are upset about it, you might be over-attaching to the manifestation. To balance that and to get back into alignment for your manifestation to occur, ask yourself why you think you need the manifestation to be happy. What’s underneath the fear or sadness or other bad feelings you think the manifestation will relieve for you?

For example, if somebody who wants a relationship, but they are very over-attached to idea of a relationship, usually they are experiencing a void inside that they feel like they cannot fill themselves. They may feel they need another person to be happy. So they try very hard to manifest a relationship.

What is beneath your desire? What emptiness within you or your life do you think the desired outcome will fill? Figure where you feel you’re lacking in life. Then look underneath that. Figure out what are the feelings that that manifestation will give you that you don’t currently have that you are feeling incapable of generating for yourself. Ask yourself what is causing these undesirable emotions that are uncomfortable so you can heal that wound.

Once the wound is healed and the discomfort goes away, you can release over-attachment to the manifestation because you don’t need it to completely fulfill you. You’ll realize, “I don’t even need that thing that I desperately thought my life was over if I didn’t have it.” Once you’ve let it go and you’re not over-attached, then the relationship can show up, or the job, or whatever it was that you thought you needed. You have to want it without needing it.

You might see it like a cruel twist of fate of the Universe that we can’t be too attached to get our manifestation. But the beauty is that this system enables you to do the healing work. Otherwise, getting the manifestation without healing means it would only satisfy you for a short period of time before the wound would cause the emptiness or feelings of lack or dissatisfaction to arise once again.

Manifestation and Spiritual Healing

When we manifest what we don’t want, there’s usually something not going right in the ether. And if we don’t deal with it—by doing the consciousness work and getting spiritual energy healing—the undesirable conditions in the physical realm might persist.

Once a condition manifests in the physical, then we usually do have to deal with it in the 3D realm. For example, seeing a doctor or managing your financial wellbeing, or fixing whatever it is that shows up for you. But oftentimes there are also things in the spiritual realm that circumstances congeal around.

For example, healthwise, a spiritual healer might be divinely guided to focus on a client’s heart chakra. That could mean the client is feeling betrayed or heartbroken, hurt or resentful about work. Or something else might not be right in our world to disrupt the emotional space of the heart chakra. Look for those triggers or keys that are the red flags showing you where the work still needs to happen.

For example, financial woes can signal an ancestral connection. If money was a struggle growing up, or if money was easy growing up, you might have adopted those patterns, or you could be in resistance to those patterns. Taking on the patterns from the ancestral lineage or being in resistance to the patterns can both cause manifestation problems. What you resist persists. Strong feelings create strong attractions. So if you have strong fears about money, you may unwittingly attract those fears. So again, look for the triggers and see where you might need to do some consciousness work or where ancestral healing might be helpful.

From Stability Comes Growth

Spiritual ascension and soul growth can come from triggers, catalysts, negative experiences, and from chaos, but it’s nice if we don’t wait for tragedy or other difficulties in order to grow. Spiritual ascension and soul growth work can also come from deliberate routines that we put in place in our day-to-day life.

If you are someone who resists or has trouble establishing new routines, this method of growth can be hard to get started, but once you do, it’s beautiful and worth it. This type of spiritual growth comes from creating rituals and routines that might include meditation, self-reflection, self-improvement, or journaling, ideally in combination with the intention to serve via some sort of creative project or soul mission work. This way you are in the habit of both learning new ways of growing and improving yourself, and then teaching others so that you may be of service. Then others can benefit from what you’ve learned.

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