How to Connect With Spirit Guides

Many people are awakening spiritually and are hungry for answers about how to successfully connect with spirit guides. Intuitives, Energy Healers and Spiritual Teachers Jennifer Palmer and Katie Morton provide their expertise on how to connect with your spirit guides, angels, loved ones, and extraterrestrials. They discuss the different methods of spiritual connection, plus how to avoid negative entities. If you would like to learn how to develop your intuition, watch this video and read this article for 10 tips to connect with your Spirit Guides from the experts.

1.      Create Sacred Space When Connecting With Spirit Guides

Sacred Space for Connecting With Spirit Guides

The most important tip for connecting with spirit guides involves creating sacred space every time you connect. Creating sacred space makes your connection with your guides easier, and it also removes harmful entities and energies to keep interference at bay. Jenn and Katie create sacred space by declaring they only want to communicate with beings who are on the positive path of ascension, in service to others, honoring the God of all gods and the Law of One.

Please watch this video about How to Create Sacred Space for an introductory understanding of this key topic.

Katie says that, despite using the usual protocols of creating sacred space, such as cutting cords and closing portals, she recently was faced with interference as she tried to connect. She discovered that she had been using what her guides called “filaments” in order to get information. These cord-like threads that she was using in order to connect were allowing for interference. She had to add the “cutting of filaments” to her sacred space protocols.

Katie and Jenn urge all seekers who want to learn to connect with spirit guides, angels, loved ones, and extraterrestrials to establish the basics of creating sacred space. As a seeker gets more experience in their ability to connect and receive messages, it’s important to learn new tools to establish and enforce sacred space.  

2.      Methods of Connecting With Spirit Guides

There are different ways you can connect with your guides. One method that works well is telepathy. Telepathy is a method of sending thought-forms back and forth between yourself and your guides from a distance. In this method, you can mentally “call out” to a guide to let them know you would like to communicate. Then much like having a conversation, you alternate between using your inner voice or thoughts to “speak” to your guides and sitting in stillness and “listening” while you wait for their thoughts or packets of information to appear in your energetic field.

The information that comes to you from your guides might sound like an internal conversation (Clairaudience: clear hearing), much like thoughts passing through your mind. Or information could come through via knowing (Claircognizance: clear knowing). You might experience information from your guides via pictures or visions in your mind’s eye like an internal movie screen (Clairvoyance: clear seeing.) Sometimes information comes in a combination of these forms.

You can also invite your guides to be in close proximity with you, concentrating on the heart space. This can sometimes offer a clearer connection than using telepathy from a distance. The experience of sending and receiving information this way is largely similar to telepathy, only you may have a sense of a closer physical presence with your guides rather than the feeling of communicating long-distance via telepathy.

3.      How to Tell the Difference Between Spirit Guides and Your Imagination

Some spirit guides have very distinct personalities that go beyond what your imagination could conjure. Katie gives the example of going on a shopping trip for clothing when she was greeted by a very serious personality she jokingly dubbed “Voltar the Galactic.” Voltar picked out clothing he called “regal,” not a word that Katie normally would have used, and asked her to choose clothing she would not normally have chosen. She came to find out upon further connection that the being’s name really was Voltar, and he did not entirely appreciate her giggling at his expense!

On the other hand, some guides are very funny (on purpose) and jovial. Jenn talks about one guide who is a chubby middle-aged man who will show up in a tutu and ballet slippers doing pirouettes.

So what are the clear signs you are communicating with a guide and it’s not just your imagination? Often the guides will show up with personalities, perspectives, vocabulary, and wisdom that you can clearly discern are not your own.

The more you learn to trust and fully be open to receive guidance, and stop questioning that it’s your imagination, the more information from guides can flow to you. So at least in the early stages of developing intuition, it helps to trust what you’re getting. Later on in your intuitive development journey, discernment becomes increasingly important. More on that later in this article.

4.      How to Connect With Positive Spirit Guides and Avoid Negative Entities

Spirit Guide or Negative Entity

When connecting, of course as mentioned, sacred space is a must. But there are a few other ways that can help you connect with the positive spiritual realm and avoid the negative.

Peace and Love

Despite the various personalities of the guides, whether they are joking or serious, it’s important to approach all guides with a sense of respect and gratitude. Some people try to connect with a demanding sense of entitlement to the information, and this rarely works. Generating feelings of peace and loving kindness as you connect will raise your vibration and thus help you to connect with higher level, loving beings. But don’t leave these loving feels on the meditation cushion! Do your best to be a good person and hold loving thoughts and attitudes as you go about your daily life as well. Don’t limit love to people you feel deserve it and judge humans you think are terrible. Strive to be unconditionally loving to all of humanity.

Don’t be selfish

On Earth, it is the time of the Ascension, when all people of Earth must choose between a life of service to others (the positive path), or a life in service to themselves (the negative path.) If you are consistently connecting with guides to benefit yourself without consideration for how you may help others, then it can be more difficult to connect with spirits who are of positive intent.

Many people want to learn how to connect with their spirit guides, but they are more concerned with how to get good parking spaces and winning lottery numbers. These people often have trouble getting clear, if any, guidance. Plus these selfish attempts at connecting can leave them vulnerable to interference with negative entities. When you consistently connect about your own concerns without a desire to serve others, you may attract entities who are on the negative path, which is to be avoided, as negative entities can be detrimental to your safety and wellbeing.

Do your healing work

Feelings of judgement (both of self and others) and subconscious or conscious wounding can draw the attention of negative beings. Striving to heal old wounds, releasing judgement and embrace forgiveness, learning to love unconditionally, and establishing healthy boundaries both in the physical and the spiritual realms can all help you to connect with beings on the positive path.

Be of service to others

It also helps to keep most of your communication with your guides about helping you to be of service to others. If you are sincere in learning how to connect with your guides, it helps to come up with an authentic higher reason why you’re connecting, such as seeking help with your soul’s mission in service to others. Then you are much more likely to connect with beings who share similar positive goals and intentions.

5.      How to Accurately Interpret Messages From Your Spirit Guides

Interpret Spiritual Guidance

Once you are sure you are getting information from your guides, it’s equally as important to learn how to interpret those messages. Often our assumptions and egos can get in the way, distorting the information that comes through. We have a limited understanding of how the world works and we interpret what we hear through our own perspectives, wounding, and conditioning. It helps to open your mind up and simply receive the data at first, without jumping to conclusions about the meaning and intent of the guidance. Sometimes we need to let guidance sit for a time before it makes more sense as to what it might truly mean.

Detach from needing an outcome

When asking a question of your guides, it’s critically important that you remain detached from the outcome of a question and to try to maintain a state of neutrality. That said, often when we are asking for guidance we are attached at least somewhat to a particular outcome, or we wouldn’t be asking. Stay neutral about what the answer might be. When we over-attach or place too much importance on getting a particular answer, then our egos can twist whatever the guides say to be what we want, as opposed to what’s true.

Know that your emotional attachments can absolutely skew the guidance you get. If we would be too emotionally devastated to hear a particular answer, the guides will sometimes soften or delay guidance for us because it’s something we aren’t ready to hear. The more emotionally invested you are in an outcome, the harder it can be to learn the truth, especially if the truth isn’t in alignment with what you desire. Keeping thoughts and emotions about needing a particular outcome in check, combined with a higher perspective that everything happens for our highest good, can keep the guidance we receive and how we interpret it to be far more accurate.

Flow with unfolding events

Guidance provides probabilities, not guarantees. Even when guidance seems as if it is a very clear prophetic message about what will happen, most—if not all—guidance is about probabilities, not absolutes. There are often multiple people and their free will involved in outcomes, which can skew the results and timelines that actually come into play. To avoid shock and disappointment, it’s important to flow with different timelines and guidance as events unfold and circumstances change, never attaching absolutely to a particular prediction. This “denial of guarantees” helps us to flex our faith muscles, knowing that even when we don’t get the outcome we expected or wanted, we can trust that God has our backs and all is well, even if it doesn’t seem like it from our human perspective.

6.      How to Connect With Passed Loved Ones

When we suffer the loss of a loved one, we often have to desire to connect with them from “the other side” after they pass over. Like with all beings you are trying to connect with, if you are emotionally upset, it can make it particularly difficult to get messages. So if you are longing to connect with a passed loved one, sometimes it helps to get any hard grieving done and come to terms with their passing and to a place of peace and love before you can successfully connect.

How do you know if a deceased loved one is trying to connect with you? Keep an eye out for physical signs, such as the frequent appearance of a particular bird species, a song with meaningful lyrics will play on the radio or come into your head, you may find pennies or other coins, or come across various objects such as feathers that feel strongly like a sign from your loved one who has crossed over.

Physical symptoms and feelings (Clairsentience: clear feeling) are often the premier notification that you are being connected with by a passed loved one. These might be physical sensations that the loved one felt before death such as a headache, knee pain, nausea, the taste of cigarettes, congestion, or any other physical sensation or symptom it’s possible to feel! Often once you tune in and get the message, the physical symptom can immediately clear up for you.

Deceased loved ones, like all beings, have a different energetic frequency than angels or extraterrestrials. You may find it easier to connect with different types of beings than others. You might be good at mediumship (connecting with passed loved ones) whether or not you find yourself able to connect with angels, guides, or other disembodied spirits.

7.      Why and How to Set Boundaries With Spirits

Spiritual Boundaries

When you first learn to channel information from guides and loved ones, it can feel new and exciting, causing you to form poor boundaries with the spirit world. Here are ways you should form boundaries when connecting with spirits:

Create Sacred Space – ALWAYS

Create Sacred Space Every Single Time: Any time a spirit pops in and starts talking or giving you information, you should stop right there and create sacred space rather than letting the excitement of connecting distract you. If a negative entity is trying to connect with you, if you’re doing it right, it shouldn’t be allowed within your sacred space, thus breaking the connection. If the being that’s trying to connect with you is positive, sacred space can ideally allow them to successfully impart information to you without interference from negative beings or entities.

Set Spiritual Boundaries

Set Boundaries With Loved Ones: Having healthy spiritual boundaries isn’t only about positive vs. negative beings. Even a loving, wise, and caring passed loved one has a certain energy signature that might interfere with your ability to receive messages from higher guides and angels. That said, you don’t want to block out passed loved ones completely, as sometimes they do have important messages to impart. Other times, passed loved ones can have strong attachments to having things go a certain way that may not be for the best and highest good, as their perspective is not as high as, for example, an angelic being who has ascended higher and has more wisdom. If you are having trouble knowing who to set boundaries with and who it’s beneficial to have around you, you can ask your guides who are polarized to the positive path of ascension in service to others to please help filter out those beings who aren’t there for your highest good.

Retain Spiritual Sovereignty

Use Your Judgement: Do not hang on every word you get from any spirit and make them your authority; use your own judgement and discernment and maintain your sovereignty and free will. Just because a being has crossed over doesn’t necessarily make them wiser or more healed than you; sometimes yes and sometimes no. Just like if a stranger stopped you to talk on the street, you would try to make sense of whether that person is worth listening to or whether you need to walk away.

Choose and Set Rules

Set Rules for Connection: There might be times that spirits try to connect with you and it’s not convenient, such as loved ones causing physical pains while you exercise or spirits waking you up at night, or distracting you from important work you must do. You might need to come up with certain rules and boundaries that are always in play, such as “Don’t wake me up at night.” You may need to establish some different rules each time you connect, shifting your parameters based on your goals and reasons for connecting.

If you don’t want a spirit hanging around you, have a conversation to establish the rules of connection you would like. If you have trouble clearing a spirit, get the help of an expert intuitive or energy healer to help enforce your boundaries. [Email: info@DivinelyGuided.TV to make an appointment with Jenn or Katie.]

8.      How to Tell the Difference Between Positive and Negative Spirits

Entities are like people. There are all different kinds. From intelligence levels, to the content of their character, and quality of their intentions, beings can range widely: from highly intelligent to incredibly stupid; from loving, benevolent, and peaceful to hateful, malicious, and evil; and from high vibration to low vibration and everything in between.

Negative Greetings: Let’s discuss negative entities first, which come in all shapes and sizes, from annoying little gnats to big baddies. Some negative entities will attack you with detrimental energies that feel bad to screw up your energy field, and it’s quite obvious that you are being “greeted” by a negative entity.

But it’s not always so simple and easy to tell the difference between positive and negative entities, and this type of discernment is very important to learn. Let’s discuss a myth about entities that can make it hard to discern whether a spirit is positive or negative.

MYTH: Positive entities are high vibration and negative entities are low vibration.

TRUTH: Negative entities can be high vibration. Ascension means our vibration is rising. Ascension takes two paths, negative and positive. You can have a very wise, high-vibration and negative being who has ascended along the negative path, which means it is on the path of service to self. These beings can be very patient and manipulative, often creating willing victims by giving guidance that seems good on the surface and works out well for a time, but the guidance can eventually begin to contain missteps along the way that go badly for the recipient.

Avoid Getting Fooled by Negative Entities

Manipulation by Negative Entities: Some negative entities won’t try to harm you immediately, but they will try to manipulate and fool you in order to gain their trust so that you willingly receive guidance from them. Some lesser, unskilled negative entities can try to trick you and you will see right through it. Others are highly skilled, and can even come to you with a high vibration that feels loving and they say all the right things. Highly skilled negative beings can earn an unwitting person’s trust and once they get a foothold, it can be very difficult to get rid of them. When a person is unable to discern they are being influenced by a negative entity, the detrimental spirit can ruin that person’s life by encouraging them, consciously or unconsciously, to make bad decisions.

So what’s a seeker of spiritual guidance to do? Don’t blindly trust any guidance you get 100%. Here are some tips on how to decide whether and when to follow spiritual guidance.

Develop Certainty

Delay Major Decisions: Especially if you are getting guidance that would be life-altering, such as changing jobs, leaving a marriage, making moves away from or towards other significant relationships, or any other radical life change, always leave room for the possibility you are being interfered with. Do your best to delay major life-changing decisions until you are absolutely certain within yourself, regardless of guidance, whether something is the right thing to do. If you are getting guidance about making a certain decision or taking a particular action, it helps to NOT decide or act immediately, but to allow some time to pass while you let the guidance percolate. In the meantime, get in touch with yourself on the issue to develop deep certainty one way or the other.

Check Your Gut

Double-Check and Gut-Check Guidance: It’s a good idea to always carefully examine guidance before jumping into anything drastic with both feet. Interference from negative entities can even take the form of false guides pretending to be your real guides. As often as you can, double check information you get with a trusted intuitive, whether it’s a friend or a professional. Use your own gut checks and discernment, and check in with other guides and humans you trust. If a piece of guidance doesn’t quite feel right to you, respect that red flag and hold back on it. It’s best not to follow guidance if you are feeling conflicted about it. You might simply need healing before moving forward, or you might be interfered with.

Don’t Dismiss or Avoid Help

Check Your Ego: If an intuitive who has more experience than you tries to warn you away from a particular spirit or method of connecting, but you feel condescending, egotistical or judgmental towards that person’s advice, take it as a red flag. Negative entities will often make you feel like pulling away from those who can help you and who would threaten their foothold on your reality. Always keep an open mind as to whether who could be right or wrong and don’t jump to egotistical conclusions. Negative entities often exploit a person’s need to feel special, and they will feed your ego so they get to stick around.

Practice Almost Makes Perfect

Let Experience Be Your Teacher: The most important tip when it comes to discernment between positive and negative is getting regular practice connecting with spirit guides to get completely familiar with your team, what their energy feels like, and what kind of wisdom and guidance to expect from them. The more you connect, the more you will get acquainted with the signs and tells that you are connecting with your trusted team of guides. That way you can pick up on subtle clues if any spirits come in that are not your guides. Even if an unfamiliar spirit that’s visiting means well, you should exercise caution with any new form of contact and ask your guides to act as “bouncers” and to help you discern whether you should connect or avoid as new spirits make contact with you.

9.      Why You Should Seek to Learn Your Starseed Origin or Other Spiritual Lineage

Many souls incarnated on Earth at this time are old souls, meaning they have experienced many different lifetimes, perhaps not all of them on Earth. Understanding your soul’s journey and origins over lifetimes can help you know what types of guides you can, should, and are more easily capable of connecting with.

Frequently, we have traveled over lifetimes with those who serve as our guides in this incarnation. Thus, seeking to know your starseed origin or other spiritual lineage can give you a better sense of how to aim your attempts at connecting with your spirit guides. Having this understanding of your past may help you to confirm and establish relationships with different guides you may experience.

When trying to assess your spiritual lineage, whether it’s galactic in nature or not, you might feel called to certain religious traditions like Christianity, Hinduism, or Buddhism and the different spiritual beings that these religions are centered on (minus perhaps some of the less accurate dogma that gets handed down human to human and is distorted over the centuries.)

Starseeds are souls that incarnated on Earth in a human body, and the soul originated from a different star system.  This means that before they incarnated on Earth, a starseed may have lived many lifetimes as a galactic being, extraterrestrial, or an angelic being. Starseeds incarnate on Earth to assist with the ascension of humanity. Not everyone on Earth is a starseed, but plenty of awake spiritual seekers are starseeds and feel drawn to learn about their starseed origins.

If you are a starseed, you may feel a resonance or harmony with a specific group of galactic beings, whether that is Pleiadean, Arcturian, Sirian, Andromedan, or any number of different galactic, spiritual or otherwise cosmic or otherworldly beings. You might feel especially drawn to their teachings, or you might know that many of your guides are of a particular spiritual or cosmic persuasion.

Many people know what their lineage is via Claircognizance, meaning, “They just know it.” Other people have had readings to determine what their starseed origins are. Many starseeds may have a vast cosmic lineage over lifetimes, which means they may have origins from many different star systems or galactic locations and dimensions. When they are seeking to connect with their guides in this lifetime, most often it is with their more recent galactic brethren and families before they came to Earth.

10. What Foods and Drinks You Should Avoid for Better Spiritual Connection

This answer is highly individualized depending on the person. Some spiritual people feel strongly that veganism is the highest and best way to eat for spiritual connection. This might be true for those specific people, but it’s very important to grasp that what is true for some is not true for everyone. That said, take all guidance about food and drinks, including what you read here, with a grain of salt and do what feels best for you.

Katie went through a period of time early in her intuitive training when her guides were quite fussy about what she ate. Sometimes she would eat more meat, and other times they wanted her to be vegan—but the requirements changed over time and she needed to be flexible according to what her guides recommended to help her connect better. So it always helps to try to ask your guides what they feel would be helpful for you.

For some people, what they eat in order to connect better with their guides and raise their vibration really doesn’t matter too much. Generally speaking, if you are going to eat meat, make sure it was raised in a way that was kind and healthy for the animal and slaughtered without cruelty. Everything you eat, meat or not, should be blessed to raise the vibration of the food.

Jenn and Katie tend to recommend to people serious about connecting with their guides that they abstain from drugs and alcohol. Over time, regular alcohol consumption can lower the vibration, as well as attract spirits who want to draw a contact high from inebriation. Same goes with smoking marijuana: any substance that alters your state of consciousness can cause unwanted spiritual activity and make it harder to get positive guidance.

High vibe is what you make it, and it’s important to feel good and healthy in your body. Some people need meat to feel better. Other people feel meat lowers their vibration—and if you think that, then that will often come true. There is no one truth for each of us, and it doesn’t help to moralize or judge choices, whether that’s for ourselves or others. Think about food and intuition in terms of what makes you feel optimal and high vibration.

That said, everything is an illusion and your consciousness is not part of your physical body and substances don’t necessarily dampen your connection. So with all guidance, don’t get too attached to anyone else’s recommendation. We all must use our own discernment about what works for each of us as individuals.

If you want to learn more about connecting with your spirit guides with the fellowship of community while practicing new intuitive skills with like-minded souls, then please join Jenn & Katie’s Soul Growth Group.