8 Ways to Feel Better in Stressful Times

It’s important to remember that feelings of stability and peace come from inside of us rather than from outside circumstances. As the conditions of society can feel wobbly and even scary at times, it’s more important than ever to take control of your vibration and […]

Releasing Resistance to WHAT IS

Resistance can lower your vibration and make it much harder to manifest what you want. Jenn and Katie tell us how to identify resistance and release it.

Ego & Your Ascension

Jenn and Katie talk about the ego, how it hinders you from ascending positively, and how to move from ego consciousness to soul consciousness. We all want to move onto the highest path of the soul’s mission, but the fears and worries of the ego […]


2020 is a year of catalysts and opportunities for growth. In other words, it’s a year of BEING TRIGGERED! When you get to a place that is very whole and healed without wounding, karma and trauma, then nothing that happens needs to upset you. Triggers […]

Manifesting Soulfully

You might be aware of manifestation as taught in The Secret, or by other proponents of the Law of Attraction. Jenn and Katie teach how and why you should manifest intentionally from the soul. Learn the dangers of manifesting egoically and via your mind, and […]

Knowing and Achieving Your Soul’s Mission

Katie Morton and Jennifer Palmer of Divinely Guided explain what the soul’s mission is, how to figure out what your mission is, and how to clear and heal blocks to achieving the soul’s mission. Music: bensound.com

Intuition vs. Emotions

Most of us don’t realize how very different emotions are from intuition. Jenn and Katie discuss the three different levels of consciousness, and how to tell the difference. Don’t let your ego run the show! It does not usually act in your best interests. Learn […]

The Roller Coaster of Spiritual Growth

When we start on the path of spiritual growth, we often (wrongly) believe it will be an upward trajectory of ease and light. What we often go through on the spiritual path to enlightenment, in reality, is much messier with many ups and downs. The […]