HoniB Interview: Near-Death Experience and Awakening

Jenn and Katie interviewed HoniB about her near-death experience, the harrowing story of the car crash that nearly killed her and her parents, and the super human gifts that were granted to her in the aftermath of the accident. HoniB is an Ascension Alchemist, internationally […]

Do Negative Entities Want Love?

Learn with Jenn and Katie! In this video, they talk about: the two paths of ascension how to respond if you are greeted (or attacked) by a negative spirit and whether you should try to love a negative spirit or not!

Abundance Coach Julie Goetzinger on her Spiritual Awakening

Julie Goetzinger is an abundant life coach, author, and speaker. She helps entrepreneurs break through blocks to their abundance. Jenn and Katie interview Julie about her spiritual awakening and healing journey to her divine empowerment. Julie tells us how she overcame the hardships of her […]

Seek the Truth

Jenn and Katie talk about why we should all seek the truth, and reveal the clever ways we all lie to ourselves. Ditch your comfort zone and embrace the truth seeking challenge! Everybody lies to themselves; it’s a matter of figuring out how often and […]

What Is Ascension?

What is ascension? Ascension is a journey of spiritual growth. As you move through life, you will be presented with situations that offer soul lessons. If you get “triggered” or experience a negative emotion, there is often a soul lesson waiting to be discovered. If […]

8 Ways to Feel Better in Stressful Times

It’s important to remember that feelings of stability and peace come from inside of us rather than from outside circumstances. As the conditions of society can feel wobbly and even scary at times, it’s more important than ever to take control of your vibration and […]

Ego & Your Ascension

Jenn and Katie talk about the ego, how it hinders you from ascending positively, and how to move from ego consciousness to soul consciousness. We all want to move onto the highest path of the soul’s mission, but the fears and worries of the ego […]


2020 is a year of catalysts and opportunities for growth. In other words, it’s a year of BEING TRIGGERED! When you get to a place that is very whole and healed without wounding, karma and trauma, then nothing that happens needs to upset you. Triggers […]