Manifesting Soulfully

You might be aware of manifestation as taught in The Secret, or by other proponents of the Law of Attraction. Jenn and Katie teach how and why you should manifest intentionally from the soul. Learn the dangers of manifesting egoically and via your mind, and […]

Intuition vs. Emotions

Most of us don’t realize how very different emotions are from intuition. Jenn and Katie discuss the three different levels of consciousness, and how to tell the difference. Don’t let your ego run the show! It does not usually act in your best interests. Learn […]

Soul Growth Group

Jenn & Katie have created a soul growth & Intuitive development group! Your spiritual development is vitally important to get the most out of life and to succeed in your life’s mission. You can have more grace, peace, ease and success when you approach things […]

The Journey to Your Divine Power

Jenn and Katie explain the universal soul growth journey: how to move away from victimhood and into your divine power. Jenn and Katie discuss poor boundaries, being a martyr, and passive aggressiveness, which reside on one end of the pendulum; to being self righteous, aggressiveness, […]

Navigating Chaotic Times

There is a reason, a meaning, and a purpose for the chaotic times we are all living in. Learn how to use the chaos to grow as a soul on your path to ascension. Jenn and Katie explain: what the ascension is what the two […]

On Faith With Jenn & Katie

When you go through a dark night of the soul, you can either trust God and have faith that everything that will be okay, or you can turn your back on God and faith. Choose the easier path and keep the faith! When you maintain […]

Spirituality Is Reality

Jenn and Katie share knowledge of and experiences with the spiritual realm. Learn more about: past loved ones unhealed or lost souls near-death experiences (NDE) out of body experiences remote viewing parallel lives guides and angels extraterrestrials channeling and intuition energy and vibration sacred space