How to Create Sacred Space

ABC: Always. Be. Clearing. In response to a question asked during their weekly show, Divinely Guided Live, Jenn and Katie explain how, why, and when to create sacred space. The energies are thick on the planet right now, so there is no better time to […]

Whose Is This Anyway?

When you feel energies in the body, how do you discern whether it belongs to you or someone else? How do you manage other people’s energies in your field? Watch this video by Katie & Jenn to find out! Music:

A Million Ways to Heal

Energy healing clears blocks, heals wounds, and corrects imbalances. Learn about the different categories of energy healing, what they each do, and how energy healing can help you. Music:

Energy Healing Is the Bomb!

Energy healers and intuitives Katie Morton and Jennifer Palmer discuss energy healing: what it is, and what it can do for you. From relief from physical pain, to removal of spiritual attachments and energetic parasites, to healing of emotional or physical traumas, learn why getting […]