Jenn and Katie from Divinely Guided explore spiritual concepts that will help you with your spiritual awakening and ascension process. We create videos and articles that explore the topics of spiritual healing and growth, manifestation, and intuitive development. We go live most Thursdays at 7PM EST to give free intuitive readings. We also host spiritual retreats a few times per year.

Jenn and Katie

Private Sessions With Jenn and Katie

Jenn and Katie each offer individual sessions for intuitive readings, energy healing, and, spiritual coaching, both in person (Columbia, MD) and distance over the phone or internet. Jenn and Katie both specialize in spiritual guidance and spiritual coaching for the positive ascension process; emotional imbalance and trauma; and personal and ancestral karmic release. They offer classes in intuitive development and personal development. They can also help you develop your own spiritual business.

Please email Katie [ email: ] or Jenn [ email: ] to schedule an appointment. We also do joint appointments if you don’t want to choose between us! [ email: info@DivinelyGuided.TV ]

Soul Growth Group With Jenn and Katie

We host a twice-monthly Soul Growth Group to teach intuitive development and healing in a group setting. Please join our fun community of seekers!

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