It’s important to remember that feelings of stability and peace come from inside of us rather than from outside circumstances. As the conditions of society can feel wobbly and even scary at times, it’s more important than ever to take control of your vibration and thoughts so that you can feel inner peace no matter what is going on outside of you. As a response to a question posed to Jenn and Katie during their weekly show, Divinely Guided Live With Jenn & Katie, here are 8 ways to feel better in stressful times.

1. Remember: “This too shall pass.”

No matter what you’re going through, it helps to remember that the hard times are temporary. You will come out on the other side of it, sooner or later. It can help you to keep your head when the world is falling apart to remember that no situation is permanent.

2. You receive the energy you put out there, so make it good!

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, your vibration can call better or worse circumstances to you. The good news is you can raise your vibration during tough times to call better energy into the experience.

Some people might think, “But I am a good person with good energy, and still—bad things keep coming to me! Why do bad things happen to good people?” It might be time to speak with a spiritual teacher and energy healer to figure out what might be impairing your vibration, what soul lessons you are trying to learn, or how you might think or operate different to shift the energy of a situation.

3. Be aware of your feelings and heal.

Sometimes in pursuit of a higher vibration, we might try and stuff emotions and ignore wounds. But we need to process our feelings and let them flow through us rather than resisting emotions. We need to figure out what thinking or wounding might be causing the negative feelings so that we might think and feel differently and heal whatever is holding us back.

4. Do the work to get yourself into a better space.

Sometimes it’s tempting to settle into a lower vibration and let a victim mentality take over. Instead, be determined to work through what’s getting you down so you can move with grace to the other side of it.

Some suggestions for getting into a better mental space: Take a bath with crystals and candles while you meditate. Take a hike in the woods and exchange energy with a tree to discharge negative energies into the Earth and bring in healthier energies to your mind, body, and spirit.

If your thinking is too negative to overcome on your own, find some inspiring and positive podcasts to listen to frequently until you are in a better space. Abraham Hicks, which you can find on YouTube, is Jenn and Katie’s favorite for training your mind to think with a higher vibration and “better feeling thoughts.”

5. Challenges are catalysts for soul growth.

It helps to remember that, as souls, we often come to Earth with pre-programmed challenges so that we may learn or master certain lessons or spiritual concepts. We learn and grow from the challenges we face, as long as we are prepared to figure out what the difficult circumstance is trying to show us.

If you can look at what your potential soul lesson is, it can help you to detach yourself and get into a more playful spirit, rather than suffering through a challenging time.

6. Use your imagination.

When we fear things, it’s often a negative use of our imagination: we imagine the situation is worse than it is, or we are imagining the future as bleak or terrible. Take control of the use of your imagination and let it work for you rather than against you. Imagine what you really want in life. Use your imagination to bring positive energy and outcomes to you.

7. See through illusions.

When we are upset, it’s often because we are within the confines of an illusion that’s here to teach us something. If you can find a way to see through the illusion and look plainly at the concept that made you upset, you can often discover that the concept isn’t even real.

One of the lessons we are all here on Earth to learn is the lesson of discernment. The foundation of a shared societal “reality” may actually be false. Society is rife with division, even from those who claim to profess unity and tolerance. This means we need to learn to see through programming that might appear harmless or even helpful on the surface. Negative and false programming can come from beloved institutions or groups such as family, school, church, the media, and commonly-held public opinion.

Love unconditionally and reach for higher truths, even if it’s not popular with those around you. It’s up to each of us to search our hearts for our own higher moral compass and truer belief systems—rather than falling into lock-step with those around us and accepting narratives without questioning them.

8. Get a higher perspective.

Shifting the way you look at something can change the way you feel about it. If your perspective doesn’t feel good, then poke holes in it. There is no absolute truth, except for the truth of God. Sometimes we can easily come up with more helpful ways to look at our circumstances, and other times it might seem impossible. Pray for higher truths and better perspectives if you’re struggling. And if all else fails, again, it might be time to seek the guidance of a spiritual teacher to help you see things differently.